Angie and The Deserters have released the highly anticipated new album entitled “You”, featuring the soulful, pop-country song and video “Stay.” Co-written by Angie Bruyere and Guy Griffin, “Stay” was brought before the public on March 1, 2017.
The atmospheric piece is visually soft and warm, filled with earth tones. The Deserters rich orchestra of guitar, pedal steel, violin, mandolin and steady percussion will move you to a place only your heart remembers. Ms Bruyere’s vocals are refreshing like a sweet breeze and her lyrics are poetic filled with romance, passion and desire.
The overall effect of the new and moving song and video “Stay”, created and performed by Angie and The Deserters, is one of longing, hoping and the lonely terrain of the heart.
For a breathtaking and heartfelt experience in sight and sound check out the below song and video “Stay” by Angie and The Deserters right now!

Review written by MuzicNotez writer John Walker
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