Pennsylvania-native and transplant of wherever her heart desires, Amilia K Spicer is a singer-songwriter whose music has been featured in movies and multiple
TV shows — Dawson’s Creek, Roswell, and Party of Five — as well as on HBO and Showtime. Her music drives on the roads of Americana, Folk, and
Rock that meet at the crossroad of her soul. Lyrically she delves deep within her, and through her voice Amilia sings the story she’s captured dancing within the confines of her being.
Off of her soon-to-be released album, Wow and Flutter (available April 28th), Amilia’s single ‘Fill Me Up’ is a cry to the universe to fulfill the desires of her broken soul. Starring soft Americana tones and Bluegrass twang that align with Amilia’s controlled transitions of husky lows and highs, ‘Fill Me Up’ came about after her first session with a banjo! Along with learning the banjo for the first time, she also taught herself how to play other instruments for her new album.
Check out Amilia K Spicer’s video for ‘Fill Me Up’ and be sure to mark April 28 on your calendars for the release of Wow and Flutter!

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Frazier
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