Ed Roman is a multi faceted artist out of Ontario, Canada. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, multi-genre singer and songwriter. His music is a combination of pop, rock, folk and country genres to create a whole new sound of his own. To top it off, he writes and plays each and every part of his songs, so everything you’re hearing, is Ed Roman. It’s no wonder that with all of this talent, he’s been continually nominated and won awards for his music.
Plus, Roman takes the time to give back to people in need. He’s traveled to Jamaica to deliver humanitarian aid and donated to the veterans just to name a couple examples of his work to help make the world a better place.
Ed’s latest release is the new album ‘Red Omen’ (a brilliant anagram of his name) produced by Michael Jack. His first single off of the album is ‘I Am Love’ which you can listen to below. It’s a fitting song for Roman, as he’s used his music career to be a messenger of love. The song is upbeat and extremely funky with the kicking bass line. In the video you’ll see him having fun jamming out each part of the track, enjoy!

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