Robert Miller and Project Grand Slam are at it again with another new single. This time they’re taking on covering the Kinks with ‘You Really Got Me’. They truly are a fusion of sound, as every time I hear something new it has another new spectacular spin to it. The element that remains the same throughout though, is the Project Grand Slam always grooves out!
In typical PGS fashion, they have another new guest singer for this latest release. Lucy Woodward is taking the helm at lead singer and fits in perfectly! The single is a part of their latest album ‘The Queens Carnival’. The sign of an amazing cover is almost forgetting it’s a cover half way through because the band totally makes it their own. That’s the best way to truly pay tribute to the original creators. That’s also exactly what they did on this one. Project Grand Slam’s version of the Kinks ‘You Really Got Me’ truly is brilliant!

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