Angie and the Deserters are fronted by the Americana singer/songwriter Angie Bruyere. They create alternative country music, with flares of Americana and rock, creating a really unique sound. The songwriting is brilliant, Angie’s voice is beautiful adding real depth and emotion. The band’s musicians are all total pro’s, flawless all around.
We last told you about her first single ‘Country Radio’. Now we’re excited to tell you about her second single off of the ‘Blood Like Wine’ EP entitled ‘The Gift’. As expected, this is another gem! ‘The Gift’ takes it down a step, seeping with emotion in every note. Haunting melodies and guitar riffs throughout. Listening to this track it’s hard not to paint the image of an old country western, somebody on a horse out west, saddles blazing heading into the sunset.
Next up, we’ll give you a listen to their new single ‘You’! So stay tuned.

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