One of the hottest new artists in country music has to be Madelyn Victoria! The extremely talented young artist is out of South Texas. She’s been a huge fan of country music her whole life. Starting out just singing classic country tunes in a brush for her family, she first took the stage at the young age of 5. Since then she continually honed in her singing abilities and won singing awards.

Now Madelyn and her band are playing gigs around Texas and opening for some big names in country music. In addition to that, Madelyn sings the national anthem for sporting events, ceremonies, rallies, rodeos and more. Madelyn Victoria is a singer, songwriter, guitar player and writes the lyrics along with the melodies for her songs.
Madelyn Victoria’s latest hit is the single ‘He Only Loves Me On The Dance Floor’, which was released August 15th. Her beautiful voice shines through along with her brilliant songwriting abilities. Check out the official music video below!
“I sing because I believe I have a talent from God and hope to be like a shining light to this world, making as many friends as I can, and to be a role model for young girls and women everywhere.” – Madelyn Victoria

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