Peter Last is a songwriter out of the UK. His genre is hard to label, his sound has a real classic vibe to it. The love of the 60’s is intertwined with a folk kind of feel. He’s been writing songs since 2012 and has already received a lot of success.
His latest release is the revamp of ‘Sisters of Soul’ now entitled ‘Brothers and Sisters of Soul’. The acoustic rhythm of this track immediately pulls you in and demands your attention. The lyrics preach love and togetherness. Peter truly is a poet, his words paint an elaborate tapestry that’s easy to envision while listening.
Paul Baggott is the one whom brings Peters songs to life, as he performs all of the instrumentals, vocals and is the producer for the whole ‘Circle of Dreams’ album. They obviously make an unbelievable team, of which has an incredibly bright future together.
The ‘Circle of Dreams’ album will be released on CDBaby May 10th so be sure to grab it.

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