Michael Egleton is a favorite of ours here at MuzicNotez and we’re always ecstatic to see something new coming our way from him. If you’ve been paying any attention at all here, you already know he’s a Soul, Jazz and blues singer out of Ohio. He’s received countless well deserved awards over the years for his various single, video and album releases which cross over various genres. His last album ‘A Look Into My Heart’ received the Akademia Music Award for Best In Jazz and a 2016 IMA Music Award nomination.
The legendary Michael Egleton always writes his music from his heart, and the music is meant to feed your soul. The smooth, refreshing sound Michael and his team creates can encompass you and get you through any situation. Michael is living proof of this, as he recently lived through the heartbreaking loss of his younger brother, sister and nephew all within a month. It’s his music, and heartfelt lyrics that helped him pull through all of this. I’m positive it has the same effect on others.
Michael’s upcoming album That’s Alright “The Rewind” is currently being finished up. This project is being produced by the same group as ‘A Look Into My Heart’ including producers West MCraw and Samuel Haygood. The leading hit single is entitled Pop “Rewound” which is currently receiving airplay worldwide and rising to #1 on Reverbnation/Billboard charts alike. Next up are the official releases of the singles “Behind These Walls” featuring Bob Esterle and Stank “Wound Up” featuring Samuel Haygood on the synth keys. Along with this is a video premiere that we can’t wait to see! Also, stay tuned here for an upcoming in depth interview with Michael coming soon.
So sit back, relax and let Michael Egletons smooth grooves take over and sooth your soul.

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