Lexxica is an EDM singer-songwriter out of Los Angeles. Her music is a combination of house, indie-dance, electro and dubstep. As with most dance music it’s very high energy and invokes positivity. A huge part of music is to lift you up, no way you’ll listen to Lexxica and not want to get up and dance!
In preparation to release her second EP, Lexxica released her first single and lyric video for ‘Hello Friday’. This is a party anthem to get your weekend started right after a long work week. Everybody looks forward to Friday, and this track sets the mood to let yourself go, release the stress of the week and hit the club.
Lexxica co-wrote the single ‘Hello Friday’ with Grammy nominated producer Rusty Varenkamp. Rusty also worked with Lexxica on the upcoming tracks in the upcoming EP release in April.
“This song is about getting away and escaping the mundane. When you just need that rescue with your friends, when Friday comes along and you are under the lights and the whole world disappears. You feel free and alive and it’s the only place you want to be!” – Lexxica
Mission accomplished! ‘Hello Friday’ is another stunning release by Lexxica and sets the tone perfectly for her highly anticipated EP release this spring.

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