Luis DH is a well established artist out of Spain. He primarily works in the alternative pop genre combined with electronic, dance and acoustic elements. This combines to create a truly unique sound all his own. Luis has released 4 albums up to now under his own independent label, Vodka Cat (www.VodkaCat.com), and is adding the finishing touches to his 5th album now.
The first release off of the anticipated upcoming album is entitled ‘Run Away (Hometown)’ and is set to release February 23rd. The track is upbeat with a beat that makes you want to move. The inspiration behind this single is the concept of searching for a place to call home, not necessarily a physical place, but a mental state of mind. We’ve all had those feelings and that makes this a very relatable song.
You can pre-order the track now as an mp3, or there’s a limited edition 4 track vinyl release as well! Stay tuned for the upcoming album release here too.
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