Jon Pattie is a pop rock artist out of Texas. He’s a long time musician who’s been playing with various bands for years now. His aspirations to take it a step further and be the front man have taken shape now with his first solo EP release. The debut EP is entitled ‘The Home Inside My Head’. It was written, recorded, mixed and mastered all by Jon.
Each track of the EP flows perfectly from one to the next, yet each song is unique to itself. The music is upbeat and meant to evoke feelings of happiness. There’s a strong acoustic background to the EP, however Jon uses various musical elements throughout to create a complexity.
“What makes this EP unique is the various styles that I implement into it. I put a variety of styles into this EP, but I keep the overall picture of it poppy. The EP is also unique because I wrote every single part, bass, guitar, vocals (lyrics and melody), drums, piano, strings, and synth. Not many artists can say the same.”, says Jon on his songwriting style.

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