Theo Mak is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and originator of E-Mute. The born and raised Londoner has recently moved to Austria for reasons of love. The group also features an array of experienced musicians to develop its full sound. E-Mute’s style is considered as alt-rock, however it’s unlike anything I’ve heard before and is hard to truly label. The music is unique, fun, eclectic and as with most good music, strives to convey an important message.
E-Mute’s latest release is the thought provoking politically inspired EP ‘I Can Pay For It’. This release is E-Mute’s first to be fully recorded with all live instruments, giving it that real, live feel providing more depth to the intellectual subject matter. It’s hard to believe, but this 5 track EP was also recorded in only ONE day. It was mixed by engineer Andrea Adriano and mastered by Sigurdor Gudmundsson at Skonrokk Studios.
Check out the music video for the second track ‘Pink Elephant’ below, and be sure to grab the new EP.

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