Katrin Johansson is an extremely talented singer and songwriter from Helsinki, Finland. Her music can be best described as electronic pop music. It’s based around her sensual voice and deep lyrics. Katrin’s been influenced by artists like Lana del Rey, Lorde, Muse, Enya and the classics back in the 60’s. This, combined with her deep passion for music has created a really amazing sound.

The past year has been big for Katrin, as the music community has also acknowledged her talent. Her last single ‘Teardrops in the Rain’ is among the 20 best songs in the singer-songwriter category according to the Great American Song contest in 2015. Also, Katrin was nominated for the Golden Woman Awards in the entertainment category in Finland the past year. Leading to these accolades, she released the single mentioned above along with 2 others off her upcoming EP, 2 music videos and she’s been performing all over the world.
Coinciding with her motto to live by “music and life are all about feelings”, she’s conducted a massive social project called ‘Lonely Together‘. The goal was to study how different people from all over the world ranging in sex, age, religion, lifestyle and profession react to music. Music is one of the best tools to bring people together and express emotion, it’s a great unifier and we think this is a brilliant study to conduct. Katrin has done an amazing job bringing people together through her music.
You can check out her latest music video for ‘One Last Kiss’ below. Her latest single ‘Teardrops in the Rain’ is above, she’s currently working on the official music video for that so stay tuned.

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