SOULEYE is a new age hip hop artist out of L.A. California. His rhymes hit hard while coming out smooth. Not only is he a brilliantly gifted lyricist, but his music delivers a strong and positive message.

The new album ‘Shapeshifting’ was just released October 27th. The lead single for the album ‘The Victim’ was released earlier this month already. The song is touches on the feelings of self-remorse and how we need to work through that to persevere in life.
As SOULEYE explains himself “The Victim’ touches on the victim-consciousness, or the ‘poor-me’ mentality that I have learned to embrace, then burn through – We hold onto old patterns born from our survival strategies and our traumas, and this song speaks to releasing and freeing ourselves from all things that hold us back and keep us in a victim state, disconnected from who we are.”
Each song of the new album is phenomenal and adds another dimension of depth. The beats keep your head bobbing while the lyrical flow is as precise as the message is deep. The 6th track ‘More Than Five’ really cranks up the speed and shows off his rap skills. This album is one of the more exciting releases I’ve heard in a while, bringing hip hop back to what it can, and should be!

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