This must be one of the biggest surprises this month, if not for the whole year! Friends over at Spectra Music Group not only signed my previously featured artists like Andria Simone and Nik West, but their biggest surprise is the return of Jody Watley‘s iconic 70s/80s R&B group Shalamar!
It’s real easy to dwell on about the past but by adding two new members, it’s about the reloaded Shalamar making new musical memories! Sure, they tap into the past to give you that old school flavour, but it’s the rich contemporary melody and soulful vocals oozing through your speakers, that gives this slow jam the power for some true lovin’ &shufflin’!
Now excuse me, while I blink away a tear of pure Jo(d)y!..

Check in with Shalamar on:
Twitter: @ShalamarMusic
Instagram: @ShalamarMusic
Facebook: facebook.com/ShalamarOfficial
Website: shalamarofficial.com
iTunes: Shalamar’s single ‘Slow Dance’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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