Sarah Borges is a Rock/Americana artist out of Boston. After her band broke up back in 2011 she has been building a very successful solo career. It’s no wonder why when you hear her sing. She has quite the set of pipes, combine that with her songwriting and shredding on the guitar and she really has something special. You can hear the passion Sarah sings with, add on that perfect amount of twang and it’s really addicting.
Sarah has been working hard on her upcoming album ‘Good and Dirty’. This will be her third solo album and 6th overall. This album is a bit different than her previous releases. “It’s the first time I’ve gone away from home to record, without members of my own band, with songs that I’ve written specifically for the album. Most of them pertain to the last couple of years of my life, which have been among the most personally challenging. I’m trying to make a record that sounds like my inner core” says Borges.
I can’t wait to hear it, luckily she gave us a taste with the first single to be released entitled ‘Caught by the Rain’. If the single is any indication, the album is going to be a gem!

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