Rick Tryfle is a German DJ whom combines the electronica, dubstep and future beats genres to create a one of a kind sound. He started out back in the 90’s on a turn table and has been rocking it ever since. Rick has performed with a wide array of other DJ’s throughout the years, and worked on making beats for hip hop tracks. Now he’s focusing on his solo career and turning out some amazing tracks. The most important thing to Rick is the expression of his thoughts and emotions through his music. He creates a unique sound that is inspired by the world, the people around him and the future.
His latest release is the track ‘Escapism’. This single is inspired by the feeling of escaping from reality, the endless streams of information, stress, rules and time constraints of the world today driven by capitalism. Rick’s goal is to grab you with the first tone of the song, pull you in to forget about everything else going on around you so you can live in the moment until the very last beat hits you. Take a listen below, and you’ll see he’s done that brilliantly!

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