Ava Lemert is a songwriter, producer, vocalist and fluent on multiple instruments. Although she’s most known as “The Singing Saxstress”, so you know she excels on the saxophone! She blends a wide arrange of genres including jazz, funk, soul and R&B together to create a sound all her own. Ava definitely isn’t your typical jazz saxophonist that you may hear in an elevator; she’s powerful, passionate and high energy on the stage.

Ava’s latest release is the 15 track album ‘Diamond in the Dirt’. The lead-off title track single is an original, it was written to encourage and uplift caregivers, parents, coaches, teachers and other people that continually give without expecting anything in return. Another notable song is ‘Un Dulce Beso Tuyo’, this song is entirely in Spanish, even though Ava doesn’t speak the language. She used Google translate to write the lyrics, and through the art of song she performs it beautifully!
Out of the 15 tracks, there are only 3 covers, of which Ava totally made her own. She tested them all live, and they have become some of her most requested songs. Ava even harmonizes with herself in a 5 part harmony in the song ‘Suavecito’. The whole album is an amazing journey from front to back. Each song completely unique in its own right, some make you want to move, some just make you want to groove!
‘Diamond in the Dirt’ was officially released on July, 18th at her release party. The release also coincided with her birthday on the 19th, which is a pretty amazing gift to us all if you ask me.
You can listen to a sampler of the album below, and you can get a limited edition (while supplies last) signed CD with exclusive content here >>

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