Justin Jerome Smith Naundros AKA JUS is a very exciting artist out of Brooklyn, NY. His passion for music began as a teenager with the drums and percussion. He started playing in the 7th grade band. This started to give him a great feel for beats and rhythm which you can tell are serving him well now. His band played for some big city events including a talent show featuring Run DMC and Russell Simmons as speakers.

JUS takes inspiration from various genres ranging from Country, to Hip Hop to R&B to fit his mood and express his emotions through music. The use of such an eclectic bunch of genres results in a truly prolific and unique sound.
After a 4 year stint in the U.S. Army as an Apache Crew chief he moved on to music after being injured. At this point he got serious about following his dream of working in the music industry and starting his own record label. He mastered his production skills at Pyramind Training in San Francisco, and interned at Universal Music Enterprises working under the Vice President of A&R. This gave him the skills and motivation to achieve his wildest dreams.
Now JUS has released his 6 song debut EP entitled ‘Obsession’ in late April under his label Zenith Point Records. This release was motivated by a mixture of his obsessions and the featured artists he worked with.
The first track created for the EP and featured single is ‘Legacy’. The track features BMG artist Bobby Dub as a writer and singing the hook, Chicago Rapper Add-2 and DaCor who’s responsible for one of the verses. The rest of the EP includes an unbelievable cast of artists and team of producers. The producers are Nico Breeze and Hrmonik whom really brought it together taking recordings from various studios in the Bay area together to become a true piece of art from front to back. This EP is a masterful debut and we can’t wait to see what’s next. This is definitely JUS the beginning!
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