A born performer, Jules Knight is the kind of talented person it would be very easy to be jealous of. Having started his career in the award winning vocal group Blake, he then turned his hand to acting and won over millions of fans starring as Dr Harry Tressler in BBC’s hospital drama Holby City.
Having left that role to return to his music, Knight has now released his first album as a solo vocalist, no doubt well on the way to continuing his run of success.
The album itself, comprising a collection of very well made and performed pop based tracks, is a truly fun listen – unabashed pop with mass appeal, clearly drawing on an already existing fanbase who know what to expect from Mr Knight.
The uninitiated, should also take note, because this is a deviation from a lot of the pop we’re hearing now. Adding substance to the sheen, this album is a throwback to the days before pop music morphed into the superficial cookie cutter pop you hear today – including work from some of the top songwriters of their generation. Pop music fans should take note.

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