Deedub is an award-winning world/reggae band and record label creating modern works according to the powers that be. Deedub and singer KLB, have a history of bringing down the house at venues throughout the Western states. Deedub is a talented musician and lyricist who is taking the music industry by storm with notable accomplishments such as opening for legends like Snoop Dogg and Eek-A-Mouse.

Deedub’s music career initially began as a hobby and was something he did on the side out of pure enjoyment, but as he continued to make recordings and blow people away with his positive and empowering music, music quickly became both a passion and a career. Deedub established his own record label after learning production skills from the likes of Young Guru (producer for Jay-Z) and Khaliq-O-Vision (producer for Michael Jackson). With over 500,000 online fans, a #1 ranking on the Reverbnation independent chart for World Music in Long Beach, CA and having music videos aired on DirecTV’s new music station, Deedub Records has gained a worldwide following and set the music scene a-buzz since 2008.
As a lyricist inspired to share positivity and good feelings with people, Deedub’s sophomore album Liberation, featuring KLB, is a blend of world and reggae music with songs that are fresh, progressive and emphasize embracing the pure love and joy of life.
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