With a classical background, this sister shows her rebelliousness by walking this fine line between mainstream and edgy. And let me tell ya, she’s pulling it off with a healthy dose of attitude and flair!
With this kick your furry little behind bassline and her hypnotic set of pipes, she’s able to grab your inner soul, hold you tight when she builds up the tension and when the beat drops? She sets you absolutely free!
Her stellar and electrifying presence is the much needed change I’ve been waiting for! Thought Lady Gaga was refreshing? She better get stepping ’cause Veronika Vesper, you ‘Rule‘!

Check in with Veronika Vesper on:
Twitter: @VeronikaVesper
Instagram: @VeronikaVesper
Facebook: facebook.com/VeronikaVesperOfficial
Website: veronikavesper.com
Beatport: Single + remix pack ‘Rule’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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