Matthew Neves is a rock-pop artist out of Massachusetts. He got his first guitar at the age of four and taught himself how to play. He’s formed various bands over the years and released numerous albums via those bands and in his own solo career. He has also opened up for some big artists and played a lot of great shows. His energized pop-rock sound has a real party rock kind of vibe and can get you revved up in any situation.
Matthew has also written a series of musical pieces for Mass In Motion, an agency that promotes a healthy lifestyle for children through public service announcements.
Now Matthews’ latest release is the music video for his upbeat track ‘Today is the Day’ off of his ‘You and Me’ album. The single, and the album have been receiving rave reviews and it’s no wonder why.
Matthew will be releasing two more music videos and is planning to perform live on an East Coast tour with appearances in Cape Cod, Providence, Boston and New York starting in the fall of 2015. So keep an eye out for him if you’re in that area, and enjoy the video!

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