You may have heard of Mister Ashley Slater on your own because you’re with the suave-ish, or have caught him and his beautiful wife, as Kitten and The Hip on none only than MuzicNotez Featured interview, OR if you’re a tube head, on The Xfactor. However, whoever, whichever way you came across this cool cat’s tunes makes no difference. What matters is the groove he produces and shares with our lucky ears! Introducing his solo album, “Bone Idol Volume I”, Ashley Slater delivers with his always cool, soul-filled, jazz bebop. I love me some instrumentals transfixed with quieted voices of oohs and ahhs, dee wop, bee bop, and soulful riffs. Enjoy the beauty of instrumental bliss of “Candy Pop”, that makes you feel just right; perfect for the summer loving, sun-soaking days where ever you are in the world! Sit back, pour yourself a glass of ice tea, and sweeten that baby up with Ashley Slater’s album “Bone Idol Volume I”.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Lagto @JALMuzicNotez
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