Moxy and the Influence just won the MuzicNotez Rock Battle for the second time in a row! This time they won using their latest song ‘ALIVE’, and completely dominated the whole 2 weeks. Proving once again just how strong and dedicated their fan base really is. When the battle concluded yesterday, they had 1,463 of the 2,132 total votes.
The SoCal Rock n’ Roll band is fronted by 17 year old vocalist Moxy Anne. The leading guitarist is Sydney Ellen. The duo started performing back in 2013 and drummer Ignacio Barrientos soon joined in. The latest addition was the new bassist Shea Hamilton who has fit in seamlessly. The band brings a huge energy to each of their shows really resonating with their audience. The youth of the group brings a modern edge to a classic heavy 80’s rock kind of sound.
They’ve been continually rewarded for their achievements, and we’re positive this is just the beginning. Stay tuned to support them again in the upcoming Championship Battle!
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