Sharon O’Brien is a singer/songwriter out of North England. She sings from the heart, and her music has soul. You can hear this from beginning to end in her new 4 track EP entitled ‘Time’. She writes and produces all of her own material, so has full creative control to create what she feels.
Her influences come from female singer songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan, which you definitely can hear shine through. Sharon’s music is like a calming serenity and can sooth the soul. Her lyrics are easily relatable in anybody’s unique journey through life. Just hit play, and you’ll start to melt away.
Sharon plays live around the London acoustic scene alongside a percussionist and cellist. However, took a break from performing to focus on recording and producing her new album. The EP ‘Time’ is available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.
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