You better get off your furry little behind and give it up for one of my hottest R&B finds, ’cause when I say this sister got it down, you know she got it down!
Her silky smooth set of pipes on top of this hypnotic beat, I wouldn’t be surprised if you gonna hear this pumping thru the car speakers on your local strip soon.
With ‘Supa Baddd‘ being the first single of her soon to drop album, you know it’s gonna be good. And when it does, I hope she’ll find the time to do a Q&A with me,’cause mark my words, read my virtual lips, Torsha Lynn is about to step up the R&B plate and move your hips!

Check in with Torsha Lynn on:
Twitter: @TlynnMusic
Facebook: facebook.com/TorshaLynnMusic
Website: torshalynn.com
iTunes: Torsha Lynn’s single ‘Supa Baddd’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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