Craig Coltham is a singer, song writer and solo artist. He grew up in South Africa, Cape Town and relocated to London 9 years ago. Craig started playing piano age an early age, and wrote his first song at the age of 17. He then was in a successful band called Koosh of which was signed. After that he decided to go solo and continued to write his own music, building a large catalog of songs to fit a variety of tastes. His sound is described as a progressive indie rock and it crosses multiple genres.
Over 6 months, Craig will be releasing 6 singles, with the first one released back in January entitled ‘Taken Over’. These singles are set to give you a taste of what’s to come with his debut album at the end of the year. Craig does incorporate other session musicians to create the sound he’s looking for. You can see those artists included in specific tracks information. He always welcomes working with other musicians, so if you’re interested feel free to reach out to him. We’re looking forward to his debut album, and you can be sure to check it out here!
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