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Mike San is a solo project out of Connecticut. His sound is a mixture of electronic and indie rock. He just released his second album entitled ‘The Time’ which includes 9 tracks. It’s hard to believe that all of the production, instrumentals and vocals come from just one man, as it’s such a full sound that he creates. He has been a musician his whole life, and plays guitar, bass, drum programming, keyboards plus he’s a singer.
Now his latest release is the single ‘The Range’ off of ‘The Time’ album featuring special guest and friend Dux (Erik Bachman) on the chorus vocals. The song starts out real smooth with the beat and haunting vocals. Then it builds up and bursts into a huge rock chorus with Dux. The changes in this song are like night and day but blend perfectly to create an amazing song. ‘The Range’ was also mixed by a Grammy nominated engineer and is receiving awards of its own. No surprise that this song is starting to find FM radio airplay around the country and world. The plan is to have a music video accompany this single later this year, and we’re really looking forward to it!
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