Lieder Distorsion started out as an opera student. This is what led him to creating artistic songs and opera arias from the great classical composers. Some of these influences are Franz Schubert, Wilhelm Stenhammer and Gottfried Heinrich Stolzel.
His style combines this opera sound with heavy guitar riffs, loud drums and distorted classical singing. He sings in English, German and Swedish. However, the language he’s speaking doesn’t matter as much, it’s his soul and emotion that speak through the music. His intense, raw, heavy and symphonic songs invoke a lot of feeling. By 2014 Lieder Distorsion started seeing his songs signed to TV and movie placements, is easy to see why.
His latest single which you can listen to below is called ‘Auf Dem Flusse’. This track was originally performed by Franz Shubert in 1827. It can also be found on all the major sites including Spotify and iTunes. The single also includes the B-side ‘Bist Du Bei Mir‘ featuring Sanna.

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