Nikki W is an unbelievably talented artist out of Ontario, Canada. She’s only 16 years old, and is already expressing some serious wisdom in her song writing of which is wise beyond her years. Her sound is hard to pin down in any specific genre as has a variety of influences. Some of these are electronic, dream pop and alternative rock, creating a truly unique sound of her own. Nikki describes her sound as “pop music with cuts, tattoos, and honesty.”

Her sound is haunting and spiritual, you can hear the emotion in every word she sings. Nikki’s voice is deep and powerful. The lyrics she writes are wild and free, honest and vulnerable. Her band mate’s Dylan Lauzon and Nate Baylor compliment her enchanting voice perfectly and create a really mystical sound.
Her latest EP is entitled ‘Sad Generation’ which you can hear below and grab from iTunes. There are 6 tracks including the title track, and debut opening single ‘Transparent Hands’, which you can view the official video for above.
“I think I’m an old soul,” Nikki says. “I’ve always been mature for my age. And I get what it’s like to be the wallflower. I know what all that stuff feels like, so with this album I’m trying to show people that it’s okay to be different.”
We’re very excited for Nikki W and this groups bright future together. ‘Sad Generation’ is one of the better EP releases we’ve heard in a while, hope you enjoy it too!

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