Marcus D. Leggett aka Money Mark-Bo is a rap artist born in Kansas, however now out of Florida. He started rapping at the early age of fifteen as a hobby. However, once he hit high school and met up with his best friend at the time t.I., who was also rapping, they hooked up and started working together.
After a few years and a short break, he got back in to it with some more friends in the area to join a new group called TAKE OFF ENT. They released a lot of music together, however that eventually fizzled out too.
Today Marcus is a solo artist part of an independent label called Mind Stimulation Ent. With the knowledge he gained from nearly 15 years at it and the freedom to create what he wants, this was the best move for him and now he’s free to truly perfect his craft. Another feature artist on the label is Jarvis Gloss aka Jabo whom has a unique style of his own.
Their latest release is the EP ‘Come Up’ which you can download from all the major music distribution sites such as iTunes and Amazon.

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