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DF3 conceived a hit when they put together their debut single, the synth-based “Tell Me”. The hit’s music video was recently released, and features various scenery from Brooklyn, New York along with frequent breakouts into dance. While there are no signs of singing until after the first stanza, each band member gets at minimum a brief cameo and are viewed showing their vocal appreciation of the catchy nature of the song.
The tone of the video transitions from ominous to upbeat rather quickly, but night-time Brooklyn carries the original impression of wonder and awe as the final frame reveals a massive shot of the city at sunrise. Unfocused lighting and flares add to the effect of an exciting nightlife in the city, but blurred backgrounds can become overdone quickly. As the video progresses, the time appears closer and closer to sunrise and the night transgresses subtly. The video follows the song in a way that does not distract from the music, but provides intriguing yet focused visuals on the performers and a particular model.
Review written by MuzicNotez writer Austin Heath @Nerfblasterpro
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