Clay Alston is a country musician that was born and raised in DeRidder, Louisiana. He was first inspired to start playing music when his uncle left an old worn-out, out-of-tune guitar at his house one day. Clay was only 10 years old when he started to strum that old guitar and luckily he hasn’t stop playing sense. He never takes music too seriously to the point where it’s not fun anymore. He’s a very modest down to earth musician. He hopes that his music refreshes positive memories for his listeners, however it might bring up some sad ones as well. He is an entertainer and puts on a great show for his fans whom always come first. On top of that he likes to personally connect with his fans and loves to learn about their stories.
His latest album is called ‘Nashville Bound’. Above you can view the official music video for his single ‘Sweet Sweet Louisiana’ off of the album. The latest single he’s pushing right now off ‘Nashville Bound’ is ‘Memory Lane’. The entire album is amazing from front to back, continually showing off his perfect country voice and guitar work. You can get the album off of CD Baby and enjoy it for yourself.
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