The Mailman’s Children (TMC) is a Can-American Indie rock band based out of both Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA, and Helena, MT, USA. Lead Singer Eric Labossiere (born Canadian) currently lives in Helena, MT, USA, while the rest of the band lives in Winnipeg. Labossiere has now lived on the US side for the last 4 years, with the first 3 of those years spent in Minneapolis, MN. One year after the birth of TMC in 2000, songwriter and lead vocalist Labossiere had recruited the musician line-up that remains to this day: Joel Couture (Joe C) on bass, Joel Perreault (Joe P) on lead electric guitar and backing vocals, and Eddie Vesely on drums and electronics. Winnipegger Ivan Burke is known to fill in on drums when the band tours. He also recorded drums on the band’s 4th studio effort called “The Spiders We Eat.” The “Spiders We Eat” EP was recorded at Private Ear in Winnipeg over 2014. It was produced by John Paul Peters (Propaghandi, Royal Canoe, The Waking Eyes) and Eric Labossiere (of TMC). The EP will be released in March of 2015, and is a prelude to the full-length effort being recorded by the band in the Spring of 2015.

Most recently, the band picked up a licensing agreement on the US side. Over the years, TMC has done numerous TV and radio appearances, and toured much of North America. Capable of turning on their rock show or falling back on their acoustic charm, they’ve played with a variety of acts to include Wide Mouth Mason, The Northern Pikes, Mark Reeves, Sass Jordan, Alannah Myles, Greg MacPherson, Pushing Daisies, Keith and Renee, Roller, Son of Dave (Ben Darvill of The Crash Test Dummies), and many more. Following a short hiatus from 2005 to 2010, TMC has returned stronger than ever.
CREDITS for “The Spiders We Eat” Recorded and engineered by John Paul Peters at Private Ear in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. May, 2014. Produced by John Paul Peters (Propagandhi, Royal Canoe, The Waking Eyes) and Eric Labossiere (of the band itself) Mixed over 2014 by John Paul Peters, w/ assistance from Eric Labossiere. Mastered at RFI in Seattle by Ed Brooks. The Performers: All lead vocals and acoustic guitars by Eric Labossiere, bass by Joel Couture, electric guitars and backing vocals by Joel Perreault. Drums for the EP performed by the band’s touring drummer Ivan Burke. The band’s regular drummer Eddie Vesely sat out this record and Ivan Burke took his place for this, the band’s 4th studio release. Additional lap steel performed on the song “Ride In Your Mind” performed by Bill Western. Bill Western is not a part of The Mailman’s Children but performed the lap steel on “Ride In Your Mind.” Additional shakers/tambo/key sounds/clave by John Paul Peters.
“Ride In Your Mind” is the debut single off of the upcoming EP. It’s set to officially release in February of 2015. Above you can listen to the live version of the single. The track has a mellow vibe and features both acoustic and electric instruments. The chorus is very catchy and it even features a well put together solo. We’re looking forward to hearing the official studio recording of the track in February!
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