Michal Rudas is an outstanding, one of a kind vocalist from Poland. He has just released a brand new single ‘Whisper’ which is a very tasteful mixture of pop and electronic sounds with a catchy tune and some influences from India.
‘Whisper’ is a perfect combination of dance music, catchy melodies and smooth male vocals.
So far, Michal Rudas has released 2 albums: ‘Shuruvath’ (2009) and ‘Changing’ (2013) – both deeply inspired by Indian music that he studied during his many trips to India. Apart from his solo music, Michal Rudas is well known in Poland as a versatile back-up singer and solo cover singer in Polish TV shows ‘Dancing with the stars’, ‘Name that tune’ and ‘The Voice of Poland’ (quarter-finalist). Currently he is working on his next solo music project, which we’re really looking forward to hearing!
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