DF3 is a Brooklyn-based synth-pop band formed by 3 friends, Lino Castanares, Coa L and Joel Alonso. All of them are professional musicians and producers. In 2013 they started the project using only their free time, little by little the music and the band became this journey called DF3. At 2014 they began recording their first album, written, recorded and produced by themselves and mixed by 3 great mixers: Michael Brauer (Coldplay, Twin Shadow, The Rolling Stones), Dave Bascombe (Chromeo, Goldfrapp, Ereasure) and Chris Zane (Passion Pit, St. Lucia). At fall 2014 DF3 released their first single Tell Me.
The song has a real retro feel to it with the beats and melody. However, the way it’s mixed it’s like the 80’s collided with the future to create this amazingly unique and fresh sound.

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