SOUNDSTREAM is a Ukrainian Dance/HandsUp band formed in 2008 by Denis Timish aaka DJ FatCat (Producer) and Alexander Bulanov aka Bulya (Rapper/MC). They had success as a duo recording 3 albums ‘Number One’, ‘Partytime’ and ‘Midnight Hour’. Their most successful singles were ‘Feel Like Heaven’, ‘See Me Now’ and ‘Could I Feel This Way’ among others.
They were then joined by Daria Bezkorovayna and started working on their 4th album ‘Dancefloor Generation’. However, soon after Daria decided to leave SOUNDSTREAM so the album was finished without her in 2010. After some more success from ‘Dancefloor Generation’ later in 2010 another female vocalist Anna Pazyura joined the group. They soon recorded the single ‘One More Time’ together which is considered one of their best releases by many.
In 2011 SOUNDSTREAM recorded its 5th album, also named ‘One More Time’. Soon after, they became #1 band by Music412. After all of this success, founding member Bulya decided to move on. He was then replaced by Yuriy Muktarov aka DJ Spacedreamer. At that point the current lineup was in place and they were ready to move forward.
Their latest album is ‘Resurrection’, which is also the first album with the full lineup including DJ Spacedreamer. It contains different styles and genres of music including Eurodance, HandsUp, Dubstep and Electro. The most notable singles off this album are ‘Music Takes Control’, ‘We Are Alive’ (#1 at Dancefloor Movement), ‘One Nation’, ‘Future’s In Your Hands’ and ‘No Surrender’. ‘One Nation’ is a call for unity of Ukraine, their homeland, of which we all know, is really needed these days.

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