LaDarian KeRon Clay aka ShaM is a rap artist out of Monroe, LA. He began his musical career at the early age of 12 by recording music with his best friends Randy Julian, Gabriel Robinson, and Ray Carroll. They soon began a group and began to write and record songs. Even with the low production value in the early stages, people loved their music and their fan base began to grow. After creating a good size catalog of songs, ShaM began to launch a solo career. This was a huge challenge for him, but says it’s the best decision of his life.
By the age of 17, he was receiving a lot of attention from local artists. He has since debuted 7 mixtapes over 6 years, and released thousands of tracks. After coming a long way, he now owns his own professional recording studio. He has mastered the art of mixing and mastering his own music. Now he also lends his expertise to other artists such as Geebobby, Lance “L-evate” Melton, and The Big Three. At the young age of 21 now, the sky is the limit for this artist and he’s reaching for the stars.
He recently joined ‘Zeta Class’ and received an independent record deal from ‘TigerBloodMuzik Ent.’. He also is set to release his debut official album ‘Ninety-3’ so keep an eye out for that. For now, check out his latest single ‘New Amsterdam’ below!

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