Mike Vinson Story
Like most musicians, I grew up playing with various groups hoping to become a star someday. Unfortunately, we always seemed to wind up playing other people’s material (copy / cover) so the results were always the same. Oh I had lots of original songs to offer the groups; I just decided to keep them close to me in case they simply weren’t good enough. Playing with groups for the “love” of music was a wonderful thing but copy bands aren’t paid very well and one has to earn a living. So, I went down a different path and tried to put the music behind me for a few years. The thing is, you can bury a dream but you really can’t change who you are. Musicians can ignore dust covered instruments that surround them for a while but the unwritten songs in their mind will never stop playing. To maintain a level of sanity, I continued privately writing songs that no one else would hear.
Then a couple of years ago, someone told me about the tragic death of a childhood friend who played in some of these groups. Memories of the dedication that he directed toward music made me realize that I made a terrible mistake in my youth. It unfortunately took the death of a dear friend to make me realize, music that no one hears really has no meaning and it never will. Fortunately, the internet has given people like me a second chance. Unsigned artists now have an opportunity to share their songs with anyone who’s willing to listen. The question remains however; are my songs good enough? Can the lyrics touch someone when they need a bit of inspiration or hope? These are questions that I’ll never be able to answer on my own. All I can do is continue writing and producing songs to the best of my ability. In time, people just like you will hopefully answer the questions for me. At this point, all I can say is that the signs do seem to be positive. So, as long as there’s at least one person out there who wants to hear what I can offer and new songs continue to echo in my mind, my quest will continue…
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