John Dartnell, also known as “The Beard”, is a born and raised English singer/songwriter who puts a unique twist on Americana music. Working as a singer/songwriter for most of his life, Dartnell took a detour to pursue acting. He was in “Harry Potter”, “Sherlock Holmes 2”, and TV commercials before returning to his true passion. He has collaborated with a few bands in the UK and has achieved recognition in the US for his past albums; winning Artist of the Year on Sound Machine Radio (North Carolina) and made the New Music Weekly Indie Charts in America for 15 weeks at #9 with his song, “If It Ain’t Country”, to name a couple.

Featuring John Dartnell’s title track, “I’ll See You in the Darkness”, has a touch of nostalgic elements that will leave you reminiscing of a lost love or a time of heartache. You’ll hear the combination of Country, Pop, and Slow Rock, paired with Dartnell’s slightly raspy voice as a fusion that works without force. This track is like a bandaid or alcohol for the wounded heart. “I’ll See You in the Darkness” is a great single that will lead you to the rest of his songs on the album.

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Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Lagto @JALMuzicNotez
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