Jay Blahnik’s Boom Box LP has to be one of the most inspiring albums that I have listened to in a long time, if ever. Blahnik uses music, dance, and videography to deliver powerful messages that’ll engage your mind in past and current subjects involving the LGBT community.

The Boom Box LP is highly influenced by the Ballroom Community. As an active member he has assisted the organization by conquering the mainstream, earning Jay Blahnik a well deserved 2014 NYC Black Pride Heritage Award. It doesn’t stop there. He is also nominated for eight 2015 Artist in Music Awards, making him the lead Top Nominee!

An extraordinary individual who utilizes his one of a kind approach to music in an influential way, leaves you with the feeling that you are listening to more than just music. Watching more than just a music video.

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Be prepared to be mind blown and check out “American Thumpdalina” Blahnik’s third single off the The Boom Box LP on YouTube.

Review written by MuzicNotez writer Julet Lagto @JALMuzicNotez
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