Vinyl Floor is a 3 piece alternative rock band out of Copenhagen, Denmark. The band consists of Thomas Charlie Pedersen (vocals, guitar, piano), Rasmus Bruun (guitar, piano, bow) and Daniel Pedersen (drums, vocals, piano). On October 6th they will be releasing their third album entitled ‘Vaudeville’.

The term ‘Vaudeville’ derives from the French expression ‘voix de ville’ meaning ‘voice of the city’. This was a term also used to describe variety theaters in the 19th century featuring diverse characters and forms of expression. When writing this album they realized the different songs were about diverse subjects, moods, and instruments. Then they began imagining diverse characters in a modern day Vaudeville show to voice the various moods throughout the album.
The tracks reflect a lot of dark feelings the band members had when writing it. Concepts centering around loss, disease, divorce, angst and nightmares. Vinyl Floor experimented a lot in this album with various instrumental and recording techniques to express these various moods and characters.
All of this results in a really spectacular release as a whole. This is one of those concept albums that will really touch and connect with a lot of people out there. Which is what music is all about. Check out the official music video of the first single ‘Change The Song’ and be sure to pick up the album when it comes out on the 6th of October!

Also check out the interview we did with Vinyl Floor in the spring where you can learn more about them and the album.
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