Throughout our years in the music industry we know what we’re looking for in musicians, and what it takes for musicians to achieve success. Of course the main thing is being good and having talent. But let’s assume that’s already the case, then you’ll also need these ten things to succeed in a tough industry. Feel free to add any others that we’ve missed in the comments below.
1. Social Media – You can’t do anything without a social media presence. This is your most powerful tool, and it’s free. You can connect with your fans and notify them of any shows, releases and other news. At least make sure you’re on Facebook and Twitter.
2. Live Shows – Get out there, you’ll gain a lot of fans by doing gigs and connecting on a personal level. Plus you’ll create a lot of buzz if you rock it!
3. Website – You need to have a website. This will be included on all your social pages and press kit to include everything you want your fans and tastemakers to see. There are plenty of ways to build them on your own without knowledge of coding, but if you want some help we can help build it for you too.
4. Sound Quality – Not only should you be talented, but you need to showcase this by having great sound quality. Record in a studio, even if it’s a home studio just do it right. Don’t want to sound like you recorded your hit new single with your phone. The music is everything.
5. Video – Once you have the sound down, you need a video. Doesn’t have to break the bank, could even be a live show video along with your single overplayed. The more unique the better of course, if you go viral you’re set. But anything to portray who you are and put a face to the music.
6. Pictures – Like with the video, a quick way to portray who you are. Just make sure it’s not blurry and displays you how you want to be seen at a glance. Coming from a press perspective, it’s hard to market something with horrible press shots or none at all.
7. Press Kit – Now it’s time to compile all of that info in to a quick and easy press kit. You can take these out multiple ways or create them on your own in to a PDF form. You need this to send in to get gigs and press features.
8. Submit to Press – Blogs, magazines and webzines, anything you can find submit to them (including us) and try to be exposed as much as possible. The more your name is featured in text and content the better indexed you are. You can take a review out with us now >>
9. Online Radio – Same with press basically but the likely hood of being heard on a radio station vs. being seen in a blog is much higher. Just keep submitting and get yourself out there as much as possible. Try live 365, I Heart Radio and any other independent radio stations. Something that fits your genre best is the way to go too.
10. Don’t give up – It won’t come easy, if you really love what you do just keep at it. If it’s meant to be you’ll get there. If you ever need help along the way hit us up and we would be happy to give you a boost to success.
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