I should be in a corner, wearing one of those classic ‘donkey’ hats and be shamefaced, really shamefaced!
Why I had to find out about her thru my US HipHop peeps is beyond me, but she definitely spits some HipHop realness on top of this jazzy vibe beat. And her whole album ‘The Tape Deck‘ is filled with gems like this, so if you’re true crate-digger, you better cop that album on limited edition vinyl!
I might be late in the game of discovering this dame, but I’m down with the Dutch MC, going by the name of M to the E to the Lo to the D-double E… Ya dig?!

Check in with MC Melodee on:
Twitter: @MCMelodee
Facebook: facebook.com/MCMelodee
Website: mcmelodee.com
Bandcamp: Album ‘My Tape Deck’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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