I love surprises! I don’t like anything scripted or put inside a little box! I love checking brand spanking new artists, who flips the script on me and Michaela Baranov did just do that!
I discovered her with a track called ‘Ignite‘, which should be her next single if you ask me. But when I started digging around her stuffs, she totally surprised my inner-eardrums! She isn’t sticking with just one genre!
Her current single & music video ‘Video‘ is all the proof you need of how versatile she really is. She’s using those amazing set of pipes to the fullest! Yes, I am surprised! Yes, I do wanna hear more! And yes, I know you wanna get to know her as well after you’ve peeped those two tracks! So you better stick & stay, don’t go away, ’cause a Wednesday Q&A with Michaela is on its way…

Check in with Michaela Baranov on:
Twitter: @mBaranov
Facebook: facebook.com/MichaelaBaranov
Website: michaelabaranov.com
iTunes: Michaela Baranov’s single ‘Video’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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