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Teddy Romance emerged in 2011 backed by some of the most imaginative alternative punk rockers in the business. Their sound is eclectic, electrifying and very animated bringing their ‘Alice in Wonderland’ musical magic to the sound stage for all to experience. Their visual, theatrical act adds such a necessary element to their productions due to their powerful, playful, theatrical performances. It’s a show of shows, creating a Cirque du Soleil of musical theater, of sorts.

Facebook: Facebook.com/TeddyRomance
Twitter: @TeddyRomance
Soundcloud: Soundcloud.com/Teddy-Romance
Website: www.TeddyRomance.com

Although they have released an EP prior to this extravaganza titled “Making Monsters”, this particular album truly lives up to all its hype. Released in March 2013, it took the airwaves like a typhoon ripping, leaving its mark wherever it went. It was said that their music stirred up the lives of many; those who were sad were no longer; those with worries released their fears and anxieties. It was a release to mark the ages. This is Teddy Romance, true to their rock/pop roots pledging allegiance to their eclectic and electronic back beats.
One particular single from this album, “Poison Ivy” truly gives audiences a super clear indication of the crazed, genius writing style of this incredible duo. This single is about a poison that was brewed for the listener. All feelings and ideas are all potions that stew/brew inside of you and if you are not careful, it will take control of you. This particular theme is beautifully delivered through its insane arrangements that grip you from the first note. You become mesmerized as it takes over every brain cell and devours it completely.
“Making Monsters” is a battle between good and evil and finding the balance through the understanding that goes with it. Living with both extremes is a difficult task but the most clever and insane can create the poetry that lies within. This album is futuristic with fantastical themes based on ordinary everyday occurrences. They take what inspires them and spins it all into some of the most creative music on the airwaves to date.
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