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Kylie Marcus is a 21-year old American Pop/R&B singer—a female Bruno Mars. Imagine the musical offspring of Barbara Streisand and James Brown and you have a glimpse into the soul of Kylie Marcus.

“Kylie has this voice, a force of its own, that almost exists by itself,” says record producer/songwriter Jean-Michel Soupraya. “It’s somewhere between jazz and soul, somewhere between strong and tender, somewhere between Streisand and Winehouse. She really doesn’t sound like anyone else, she just sounds good—she sounds like Kylie Marcus.”
With her debut EP, No Disguise, set to release in early 2014, Kylie delivers a well-rounded selection that showcases all facets of her Pop/R&B sound. In “Yellow Shirt,” her first single releasing alongside the EP, Kylie gets people on their feet. She rides the groove into “Butterfly,” adds a touch of jazz with “Something Wrong,” and conquers the ballad “Walk On Water”. In “The Real Me,” Kylie drops a rhyme and opens a window into her personal life.
Despite the parental advisory warning and the relevant Urban Pop influence, Kylie is all soul when she sings. In every song she tells a truth, a story—hers or one she has personally witnessed—with a wisdom and honesty that is simultaneously refreshing and nostalgic.
Whether Pop/R&B is your thing or not, there is no question Kylie Marcus is doing her thing. “I’ll be me in my music, because I need to be. This is what I do for me; and if I’m lucky I’ll get to keep doing it for others too.”
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