Available on iTunes now, ‘Side By Side’ is the new EP from 18 year old singer-songwriter Jess Thristan. Based in Yorkshire, England, this youngster is an acoustic artist with a flair for an excellent melody.
If you don’t believe me, check out the title track and EP opener here:

Listening through the full EP, two things strike you. One is that all these songs are of genuinely high standard. They would not sound out of place on the album, or even as singles, for the likes of KT Tunstall or Ed Sheeran.
Secondly, Thristan’s voice is outstanding. The way she holds her melodies is so precise it’s mesmerising, railing between notes and spinning complex vocal runs that would make Leona Lewis blush. And she does all this without grandstanding or giving the feeling that she’s trying to prove anything, just because it fits with these songs.
Jess Thristan is an exciting talent for the future – remember where you saw her first.
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