When I discovered Fifi Rong and was checking her tracks, it gave me that Trip-Hop feeling… Massive Attack-ish if you will… Remember ‘Teardrop‘?
But to put her in the Trip-Hop genre, doesn’t do her any justice. ‘Cause although it will give you that feeling, Fifi’s sound is so unique in my personal & humble opinion, you just can’t put her in one category…
So stick & stay, ’cause a Wednesday Q&A with Fifi Rong is on it’s way, when she drops her latest EP. Till then, put on your head-cans or earbuds, get comfortable, close your eyes and let her soothing voice take you away… That’s what I do…

Check in with Fifi Rong on:
Twitter: @FifiRong
Facebook: facebook.com/FifiRongMusic
Website: fifirong.com
Bandcamp: Single ’56 Weeks’
This was presented by The Dutch Guy

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